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About St. Cecilia Tours

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Pictured above: Dr. Avery directing a choir at St. Paul's Cathedral in London.

The video captures Dr. Avery demonstrating the acoustics at a Roman theatre in Israel. Recorded with an iPhone in the back/top row of the theatre.

Get to Know Us

Native Norwegian, Dr. John-Eric Gundersen earned his Doctor of Musical Arts degree in organ performance and sacred music. A graduate of Yale and Rice Universities, Dr. Gundersen has concertized throughout Europe and the United States including St. Paul’s Cathedral, London; the Frauenkirche in Dresden, Germany; and St. Thomas in New York. His passion for sacred music and his experience as a professional artist and choir master combined with his knowledge and comfort in international travel make him the perfect travel coordinator for choir leaders, chamber musicians, pastors, and congregations wishing to experience a concert tour or residency, a Holy Land Tour to Israel, or a Pilgrimage Journey tracing the rich history of church reformation. When requested and if possible, Dr. Gundersen is able to share his music with travelers during worship services, communion celebrations, and informal organ demonstrations.


Dr. Laura Avery earned her Doctor of Musical Arts degree in vocal performance and pedagogy. Primarily a sacred music artist, Dr. Avery has extensive training in all genre of singing styles. A University professor with 15 years’ experience, Dr. Avery is an active coach of elocution for the stage, character voice and accent acquisition for actors, as well as a sought after contemporary commercial singingl instructor. She has conducted over fifty musical productions and has served as guest conductor for choral Evensong services at St. Paul’s Cathedral, London; Winchester Cathedral; and Wells Cathedral. An avid history enthusiast, Dr. Avery teaches the history of musical theatre; Greek, Roman, and Renaissance Theatre; sacred singing; and the history of American commercial music. When touring with groups, she often offers special performances of sacred music or presents brief historical synopsis of various sights.

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