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By signing your name and clicking the Submit Button,

you agree to St. Cecilia Tours, LLC - Terms of Service.

transfers with group to/from airport in destination country; shared double room in hotels (hotels may differ from
original brochure listing;) breakfast, and other meals as outlined in brochures but subject to change; transfer to
and entrance fees for sites to be visited, but subject to change. In the event of any tour vendor or supplier
cancelations, St. Cecilia Tours, reserves the right to revise the itinerary on behalf of the group, and notify the
group in writing. Any additional cost incurred by trip deviations, vendor inflation, airline inflation, cruiseline
inflation, gas prices, train strikes, increase in ticket co
st, cancellations of any kind, quarantine hotels and
transportation costs, medical expenses, or trip itinerary exchanges becomes the responsibility and financial
burden of the passenger.
NOT INCLUDED IN PRICE: Single room charges (see below); Additions or changes to the standard program
(see below); individual transfers; travel insurance; laundry, unspecified meals and drinks; excess baggage and
items of a personal nature; any increase in taxes and fees (including inflation,) that may occur between the
printing of this brochure and issuing of airline tickets, cruise tickets, train tickets. Price is based on the exchange
rate at the time of printing and may be subject to change. Changes to the published itinerary is non-refundable.
PAYMENT SCHEDULE: All deposits are non-refundable. Deposit of no less than $500pp is due with
registration whereof the full deposit is non-refundable. Deposits might be higher due to upgraded business class
or if a specific tour includes more than two flights, cruise tickets, train tickets, and other modes of transportation
that require more funds. Please note, that increased deposits for the above modes of transportation are also nonrefundable.
Within 120 days of the departure date, space may be limited and/or a supplement in airfare may
apply. Final payment is due no later than 120 days prior to departure.
TOUR DOCUMENTS: It is the responsibility of each traveler to ensure that all needed travel documents are
current and correct, including but not limited to passports, visas, vaccination requirements, insurance and so
forth. It is the responsibility of each traveler to ensure that their travel documents meet the criteria and
expectations of the destination country, and any country that we might transfer through. The name on your
airline, train, cruise ticket must exactly match your name as it appears on your passport. It is the tour
participant’s responsibility to ensure that names on this registration form match the name in the passport and
other documentation. It is at the cost and responsibility of the registered traveler (NOT St. Cecilia Choir Tours) if
a ticket must be re-issued because a name is not registered correctly. There are no refunds if you are denied
participation due to the lack of proper tour documentation. If applying for a new or renewed passport, please
send a copy of your new passport and double check that the name is identical to your registration as soon as you
receive your new passport.
SINGLE ROOMS: Price is based on double occupancy. While we will try to match room mates, we cannot
guarantee that a roommate will be available. If not, the payment of a single supplement will be required. When
available, single rooms are often smaller than doubles. Single room supplement for any St. Cecilia tour is no less
than $1000 USD per person.
ROOMMATES: You will be charged for a single room if you do not have a roommate and/or we cannot match
you with one.
MEALS: Hotel breakfast as outlined in the trip brochure and lunch/dinner as outlined in brochure. All other
meals are “on your own”.
LUGGAGE: Limit of one suitcase and one carry-on per person, not to exceed 50 pounds or 62 inches total.

Any luggage charges, and/or excess weight charges is the responsibility of the passenger, according to airline guidelines.

St. Cecilia is NOT responsible for any luggage charges. Luggage charges outside of group ticketing, due to deviations,

or flying on an alternate schedule, is the responsibility of the passenger.
TRANSFERS: Transport between destination airport, hotel and piers is included in the standard program.
However, those who request changes from standard program are responsible for the cost of their own transfers.
Land Only travelers, those who procure independent airfare, are responsible for transportation between airport
and group hotel in the destination country. Transfers to/from airports, etc. are not included if you do not arrive
and depart with the group.
CHANGES FROM STANDARD PROGRAM: Any adjustment in standardized air or land itinerary will carry a
$100 fee (for each change) in addition to any additional expense required. To ensure efficient handling of these
requests, St. Cecilia will require that a tour deposit be received before a deviation request can be processed.
Transfers to/from airports, etc. are not included if you do not arrive and depart with the group.
AIRLINE TICKETS: Tickets are purchased by St. Cecilia Tours prior to departure, tickets can NOT be changed
or refunded thereafter. Air transportation to/from your European destination will be basic or standard economy
class aboard IATA and ARC carriers utilizing APEX or SUPER APEX non-refundable, non-amenable tickets for
groups of 10 or more passengers flying together for entire itinerary. If a business class tickets are requested, St.
Cecilia Tours will purchase non-refundable business class tickets that are non-transferable, non-amenable, and
non-refundable. Changes in ticketing by the airline is not the responsibility of our company. Any disputes must
be directed to the supplier (airline, cruise line, train, other vendors, and/or insurance company.) St. Cecilia Tours
will supply the passenger with ticketing confirmation and ticket numbers, but the company will not advocate or
interfere with supplier after the return of a tour.
FLIGHT/CRUISE/TRAIN and VENDORS: Subject to change by airlines (or cruise, or train, or coach) without
advance notice. Our company is not responsible for such changes or delays and does NOT reimburse expenses
resulting from such delays or cancelations. We will NOT seek re-imbursement from airlines, cruise lines, or
trainlines, nor will we support a group litigation against a carrier or other vendors because of changes,
inconveniences, or delays to a flight, cruise, train schedule. We will NOT seek re-imbursement from a vendor
due to inconveniences experienced at a hotel, or with a coach company, guides, venues, or other type of tourism
vendors not listed.
ITINERARY LENGTH: Because airlines, cruise lines and trainlines, often change schedules after brochures are
printed, our company reserves the right to shorten or lengthen the itinerary accordingly and, whenever possible,
you will be notified in writing. If changes necessitate extra overnights, or a trip exchange, there will be additional
charges per person.
CANCELLATION FEES: From the day of registration to 120 days prior to departure the full deposit is nonrefundable
and the only charge per person. Thereafter, the following charges apply: 120-99 days: Deposit + $750
per person; 98-60 days: 75% of total cost; 59-46 days: 90% of total cost; 45 days to day of departure: 100% of
total cost. St. Cecilia Choir Tours will retain $400 per person in the event that a group tour is cancelled for lack
of participation. Please note that all refund claims must be received in writing.
If a tour is scheduled to depart during the outbreak of a natural disaster, disease, pandemic, war or economic
hardship, then St. Cecilia Tours, LLC reserves the right to reschedule a tour after consulting with the designated
leader of a group. In the event of a rescheduled tour, any payments received will automatically be transferred to
the rescheduled tour. In the event that a participant is unable to travel with their group for the rescheduled tour,
St. Cecilia Tours, LLC will offer a monetary refund minus any deposits paid to vendors to date.
INSURANCE and LIABILITY: We strongly recommend cancellation and trip insurance to cover the above fees.
Any travel insurance is the personal responsibility of each traveler. St. Cecilia Tours is NOT liable for any cost
incurred by travel restrictions before or during the trip. St. Cecilia Tours is not liable for trip interruptions,
flight/cruise/train cancelations, or any supplier canceled events, missed connections, any illness, any cost
associated with medical treatments, ambulance and/or life-flight, hospitalization, medical evacuations, accidental
dismemberment, death, or repatriation of remains.
LITIGATION/COURT: ANY legal issues or mediations must be filed and settled in a Court of Law in
Montgomery County, TX, USA.

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